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5 Tips for Finding a Great Insurance Agents

An insurance agent is an individual through whom you buy insurance. Insurance agents are expected to work in the best interest of the client. This necessitates that the insurance agent you do business with understands your specific requirements. The agent must also have enough insurance products in his/her basket. Here are some tips for finding a great agent.

  1. It is necessary that an insurance get is registered with your state’s regulatory body. The insurance is a highly regulated industry. Every insurance agent is required to undergo a training course because applying for registration.
  2. It pays to keep in mind that insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. While an insurance agent must keep your best interest in mind, in real life it does not always happen this way. Agents are often get carried away by the commission they get for selling insurance. If the agent is excessively pushing you to buy a particular insurance policy, you have every reason to suspect and take a good look at the policy terms and cost.
  3. One of the more important tips for finding a great agent is to ensure that s/he represents more than one company. It is normal for agents to sell insurance products of only one insurance provider. The fact is that insurance companies have different risk perceptions and premium asked by one company may differ from what the other asks for a similar product. Only an agent who represents more than one insurance company can provide multiple quotes for you to make a comparison.
  4. The insurance agent you want should be a specialist in the type of insurance you are looking for. Insurance is commonly categorized into life insurance and general insurance. Life insurance agents specialize in whole life, health and accident insurance and similar insurance products related to life. General insurance refers to insurance of assets such as home, car, machinery and equipment. The insurance
  5. Ask your friends and family the agent they use. Discuss with them their experiences in regard to after sales service and claims. An insurance agent is as good or bad as the level of support s/he offers.

Regardless of the agent, keep in mind that you want to buy insurance for yourself and not to please anybody. For getting the best insurance product at the best possible rate you would do well to compare insurance quotes. There are many comparison websites that provide free insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers.



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